Fish salads

Fish salads and delicacies from Hamburg

How about a delicious fish salad with boiled potatoes or crusty bread? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

We offer a variety of fish salads and other fish delicacies, all delivered fresh by Werner Lauenroth from Hamburg.

Our range of salads and fish delicacies to whet your appetite includes:
Fish salads
  • Hamburg herring in cream sauce
  • Red herring salad
  • Herring in cream and dill
  • Classic coastal herring
  • Soused herring cocktail
  • River crab cocktail
  • North Sea crab cocktail
  • North Sea prawn cocktail
  • Herring in curry cream
  • Prawn cocktail
Fish delicacies
  • Kippers
  • Classic Bismarck herring
  • Herring fillets in sherry sauce
  • Jellied herring
  • Fried herring