German sausages

German charcuterie and homemade ready meals

Neumanns’ delicatessen offers a wide variety of German sausages and German homemade ready meals. We source our products from the ELITE butcher in Casabermeja and the Bavarian butcher Vinzenzmurr.

Our products meet the highest standards of freshness and quality, and their flavour is truly excellent.

The gourmet range at Neumann's deli counter includes:
From ELITE butcher in Casabermeja:
  • Pfälzer liver sausage
  • Pfälzer blood sausage
  • Black pudding
  • Lyoner sausage
  • Bierschinken sausage
  • Brawn
  • German corned beef
  • Krakow sausage
  • Fleischwurst sausage
  • Mettenden sausage
  • Cabanos sausage
  • Pepper sausage
  • Onion sausage
  • Liver pâté with or without Jalapeños
  • Bratwurst sausage
  • Thüringer Bratwurst sausage
  • Fresh Bratwurst sausages
  • Beef sausages
  • Smoked pork loin
From Vinzenzmurr in Munich:
  • Weißwurst sausage
  • Viennese sausage
  • Cured ham with juniper berries
  • Gelbwurst sausage
  • Veal salami
  • Tyrolean cooked salami
  • Veal liver sausage
  • Krainer sausage stuffed with cheese
  • Landjäger sausage

  • Veal rolls in gravy
  • Goulash
  • Sour roast with gravy
  • Mushrooms in cream sauce
  • Red cabbage and sauerkraut ready to eat