Smoked fish

Top-quality smoked fish from Bremerhaven.

In our shop, the gourmet will find a wide range of smoked fish not found anywhere else on the Costa del Sol.

Our premium smoked fish is always delivered fresh and comes from renowned fish smoking company Hans Fiedler & Söhne Lachs- und Aalräucherei GmbH in Bremerhaven. This old family business has existed since 1949.

The combination of traditional smoking techniques passed down from generation to generation, and the most modern production methods guarantee high-quality products that we offer exclusively on the Costa del Sol.

Our range of smoked fish includes:
  • Smoked eels
  • Smoked shark
  • Whole mackerel
  • Mackerel fillets
  • Buttered mackerel
  • Herring fillets
  • Salmon trout
  • Trout fillets
  • Turbot
  • Smoked salmon
  • Smoked salmon with peppercorns
  • Smoked salmon roll-ups
  • Wild salmon
  • Salmon and turbot fingers
  • Sprats
  • North Sea crabs